Registering with the HCPC

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What is HCPC? – Who are they and what do they do?

The Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) are the regulatory body responsible for many heath care professionals in the United Kingdom. They protect the public and keep a register of professionals who meet HCPC standards for training, skills, behaviour, and health.

The professionals who are regulated by the HCPC have titles that are protected by law and it is a criminal offence for a professional to use a protected title they are not entitled to use or to claim that they are regulated when they are not. These titles include Radiographers, Physiotherapists, Paramedics, Podiatrists and more, a full list of these professions are available here.  If a professional registered with the HCPC fails to meet the required standards, action can be taken which can include preventing the registrant from practising.



What Do the HCPC do?

  • Maintain a public register of properly qualified members of the profession.
  • Approve and uphold high standards of education and training and continuing good practice.
  • Investigating complaints and taking appropriate action.
  • Working in partnership with the public and a range of other groups including professional bodies.
  • Promoting awareness and understanding of the aims of the HCPC.


How do I register?

Your application route depends on whether you completed your training in the UK or internationally.


International applications process:

  1. Submit forms and scrutiny fee
  2. Receive confirmation letter and reference number
  3. Processing and assessment
  4. Decision letter

The whole process can take approximately 60 working days once the HCPC receives your completed application.

Once your application and payment have been accepted the initial process of your application includes background checks and will then move on to assessing your education, training and experience. If further checks are needed or you are missing any information in your application this can cause a delay in the application process.

Please note, if you are submitting any documents not in English you will need to also provide certified official translations of all non-English documents.

All applicants will receive a decision letter notifying them about the outcome of their application. In successful cases this will confirm their addition to the Register. 

 More information on international applications can be found here.




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