Pharmacists Moving to the UK

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Overseas Registration with the GPHC


Who are the GPHC?

The General Pharmaceutical Council are the regulatory body responsible for regulating pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacies in the United Kingdom. They work to assure and improve standards of care for people using pharmacy services.


Overseas Qualified Pharmacists

This route of registration is aimed towards Pharmacists who:

  • Qualified outside of the European Economic Area
  • Hold an EEA pharmacist qualification which is not recognised as a ‘relevant’ qualification


Assessing your pharmacy qualification 

If your pharmacy qualification is assessed as less than equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, you will need to have the syllabus of the degree that you studied assessed. Submit this form and syllabus with your application for eligibility to complete an Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme (OSPAP).

Before you can apply for registration as a pharmacist through this route you will need to complete the following:


If you decide that you do want to complete education and training in Britain so that you can apply to register with GPHC you must complete an eligibility form and pay a processing fee. You will then be assessed on whether you can complete an OSPAP course or not based on your previous qualifications, work experience, your fitness to practise and your English language competency.


Evidence of English Competency

There are three ways you can demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge of English to practise in Britain. You are required to provide one of these three types of evidence:

  1. A Passed International English Language test taken within the last 2 years such as IELTS or the OET.
  2. A recent (less than 2 years) pharmacy qualification that has been taught and examined in English in a majority English speaking country (e.g. Ireland, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand).  
  3. Recent practice (practice that was completed less than 2 years ago) for at least two years as a pharmacy professional (pharmacy technician or pharmacist) in a majority English speaking country.  


You can find out more information on over sea applications here.

Please note, successfully registering with the GPHC does not grant you permission to work in Britain. Before you start the qualifying process, you should carefully consider information provided by the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) to see whether you will be able to get the necessary visas and work permits. 



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